Trying New Things

My 9 year old son attended the Boys and Girls Summer Camp this summer and last summer. My son has some sensory processing issues which can make it more difficult for him to try new activities, especially if they may be somewhat out of his comfort zone. I noticed that he is much more confident with trying new things after attending the summer program. The staff were great to give choices and the time needed for him to feel comfortable ( he had a sense of control ). This approach really worked for him. I often heard “Guess what I did today” and he was quite proud to tell me that he had tried something new. An example would be participating in water based activities which was a big accomplishment for him.

There were always a variety of activities planned for the week which gave him the opportunity to be part of a team (educational, recreational, artistic, etc.) where he could learn from his peers or share what he might know with his peers.

I really feel the Boys and Girls Club staff takes the time to get to know the individual needs and strengths of the children who use their programming.