Parents Information

Monthly Family Newsletter:

We also provide a monthly newsletter which provides parents with lots of information ranging from important dates such as holidays, PD days information, launch of new programs and much more!

Our monthly news letter is posted each month on sandbox.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any events or you require more information send us an email:

Financial aid :

PEI Provincial Childcare Subsidy:

The Government of Prince Edward Island offers the Child Care Subsidy Program to assist any islanders with the cost of childcare for children up to and including 12-year-olds- you can click here to go on their online calculator to see if you may be eligible or you can contact the Child Care Subsidy office at 1-877-569-0546 for more information or to set up an appointment with them.  


BGC Bursary:

The BGC Bursary offers aid to parents who may need assistance with the cost of childcare and if you are not able to receive the Provincial Childcare Subsidy you may be eligible for the BGC Bursary which could cover anywhere from 25%-80% of the cost of childcare. 

If you are interested, please Email,  for more information