Overcoming Anxiety

My two children have attended BGC Charlottetown for the past six years. Both of my children would be seen as the “quiet” children and “shy”. These traits are often given to them because of their struggles with anxiety. These children are often over looked in large group settings because they are not the ones to bring attention to themselves. Never once have I felt like they have been over looked, on the other hand, they have been made to feel valued, loved, and have a sense of agency within the club. They are free to be silly and outgoing when they feel or quiet and reserved, and I know that they feel comfortable and accepted just how they are.

In 2015 my mother passed away and she was a very important piece of our family. The staff went above and beyond to be supportive and caring through this most difficult time. My oldest daughter suffers the most from anxiety, and the staff went above and beyond to comfort her, check in with me about how she was doing, and include her in special mentoring initiatives to boost her self-esteem.

I cannot even put into words how grateful I am that my girls are part of such an exceptional organization. They love their days there, they have been given amazing opportunities for learning and growth through the guests the Club bring in, and through the intentional planning of the staff my girls days engaging and fun.

Callen has been a cornerstone for our family and lent her hear when I needed to talk about my girls, advice when she had ideas, and just an overall support over the years. Her genuine care for the children is evident in all she does and it shines through in the quality program that is provided. The Former Executive Director Amanda had been an awesome breath of life and energy into the Club House, and has helped to create such an inviting atmosphere in the design of the space. Every opportunity I have to speak of the Club and the high quality it delivers to my family, I gladly do as I know not all families are as lucky as we are with their afterschool care providers. I am excited to see the future plans as it is evident the Club is growing and refreshing.  We hit the jackpot the day Callen called and told me my oldest was guaranteed her space in the afterschool program, and I believe it is because of the staff through the years that have truly cared for our family, and the vision and the mission of the organization being understood and carried out on a day to day basis.