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About the GOLDRUSH 50/50 bonanza

As of November 15th, 2021 we have moved ONLINE for our GOLDRUSH 50/50 BONANZA!


October 28th, 2021 marked our final 50/50 Bonanza toonie draw. We have officially launched our brand new online GOLDRUSH 50/50 Bonanza where you can play online; making it easier to play your number for life, enter for your chance to win, and continue to create opportunities for the young people in your community.


Click the JOIN THE GOLDRUSH button above to support our programs and enter for your chance to win.

50% of the proceeds each week supports programs for children and youth at our club! Join us in creating opportunity.

What you need to join us online

To play our new online GOLDRUSH 50/50 Bonanza you will need the following:

  • A valid email address
  • A phone, tablet or computer with internet access
  • A credit card (or pre-paid Visa giftcard)

How Do I play?

Similar to our toonie system, you will be given a number for life on our new online system. Enter for your chance to win each week and receive updates of the winning number directly to your email.


Just like the 50/50 Bonanza with toonies, if a number is drawn that wasn’t played that week, the funds will roll over to the next draw for another lucky winner.


How do I know how much the draw winner will receive? 

When you’re purchasing your tickets it will say a value for the pot. This is how much money has been played; 50% of that sum will go to a lucky winner, with the other 50% going to support the BGC Programs.


How do I know if I’ve won?

Our system will send an email to the winner, notifying them that they won, providing a contact at the organization and telling the winner who to contact.


Do I get notified before the draw happens?

No, you can watch the draw countdown on the dashboard page.


What appears on my bank statement?

The charge for playing will appear as “Causable Inc.”